Cultural Healing Exercise v.1, v.2 from Jess Hirsch on Vimeo.

Cultural Healing Exercise v.1 & v.2, Field Practice (Hirsch, Jansen, Stover), 2016. Rope, beet juice stain, hardware, audio.
8’ x 40’ x 20’

Visitor listens to oral histories from Dakota people recounting the
injustices at Fort Snelling, then walks a labyrinth listening to healing frequencies.

Fieldstation, Field Practice (Hirsch, Jansen, Stover, with Eric Foreman). 2016. Digital Rendering for Creative City Challenge Finals.

Proposed micro-prairies representing Minneapolis city parks. Radio towers broadcasting a changing soundtrack of an ambient composition constructed with samplings from local musicians.

Oh Dip (Hirsch) 2016. Wood and Himalayan Salt.

Viewer is invited to lay on salt and invite the death to those things that are no longer serving them.

Death Bed (Hirsch) 2016. Wood, concrete, crystals, and healing plants. 22’ x 9’ x 7’

Viewers are invited to lay on coffin shaped concrete slab and contemplate death while surrounded by healing plants and gemstones.

Death Wish (Hirsch) 2015. Wood, gold, living will, contract with Algordanza International, gold essence, and amber bottles.

Death Wish is a two part participatory piece, inviting the viewer to accept their own death through the artist’s death. The viewer signs up for gold essence to consume while the artist is alive. Once the artist dies, a diamond will be made of her body and transformed into a diamond essence. The diamond essence will be distributed to the viewers that signed up originally.

Rumblings, Plume Project (Stover) 2016. Steam, poems, led lights, technology. Collaboration with Aaron Dysart and Asia Ward. Size varies.

An interactive light display on a downtown district energy plant encouraged a relationship between viewers and the utility that keeps the city warm. By making a phone call, the public can hear one of six commissioned poems inspired by the plant. The audio recording triggers a light show, making the steam plume appear to speak the words.

Freighted (Stover) 2015. Wood, mirrored glass, and snow. 6’ x 20’ x 30’

Two staggered retaining walls, built from 4x4s faced with mirrored glass, form the shape of a container ship embedded in the native landscape.

Dumpling House (Stover) 2013-14.Plywood, fabric, hardware, and kitchen implements. 8’ x 16’ x 20’

A yurt-like structure holds a simple kitchen, where visitors make and eat filled dumplings while sharing their food traditions. Collaboration with Molly Balcom Raleigh.

Bridges (curated by Andrew Jansen) from Jess Hirsch on Vimeo.